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Dallas County DA Democratic candidate Elizabeth Frizell issues statement on firing of Assistant District Attorney

Dallas, Texas – Jody Warner was recently fired from the Dallas County District Attorney’s office for berating an Uber driver. Elizabeth Frizell stood behind her as she issued her apology.

“I was disappointed in her actions, however I told Jody that as long as she took responsibility and apologized, I would not let her stand alone,” Frizell said.

Frizell shared that she has a history of working directly with Warner and is aware of her work ethic.

“She was the chief prosecutor for sexual assault cases for two years in my court and several other felony courts,” Frizell said. “She was one of my best prosecutors and was also my family violence prosecutor in Court number 11.”

That Warner is single, has no children and no family in Dallas led Frizell to appear with her as she issued her public statement.

“She clearly acted inappropriately, but I don’t think she needed to stand there by herself,” Frizell said.

Focal points of Frizell’s bid for District Attorney include fairness and redemption. Acknowledging that the office is rightfully held to a higher standard, the long-time judge said her support of Warner was in no way a show of support for the attorney’s actions, which she called “inexcusable.”

“Sometimes people need second chances and diversion programs when they’re criminals. Sometimes they need it when they’re not criminals, but they use bad judgment,” Frizell explained. “Accountability is key!”

Frizell emphasized the importance of drinking responsibly, adding that drug addiction and alcohol addiction should receive treatment.

“If you don’t have normal use of your faculties, you should be on the safe side, take alternative transportation and be responsible enough to not drive,” she said, adding that if you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, seek help early.

While Frizell respects the decision to fire Warner, she discussed recent incidents in which she felt appropriate actions in the DA’s office were not taken.

“The DA’s office didn’t fire a prosecutor for withholding evidence on a capital murder case where the defendant received life without the possibility of parole, and the key evidence to convict him was the evidence that was withheld,” Frizell said.

“What made this [Warner’s] incident newsworthy was her invoking that she was the Assistant DA,” Frizell said. “She didn’t kill anybody driving drunk, she cursed somebody out.”


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